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Hello my dear Willy Wonka, close your eyes and imagine a perfect world …

A place, where you develop using only one language, as easy and sweet as javascript.

Where you start from a single code recipe, generate systems for the web browser, applications for IOS, Android and Windows, without having the complexity of understanding the recipes of the native languages of each platform.

Where you don’t have the bitterness of worrying about the relationship of the database tables, only with the data. Your database is as simple as a JSON, containing only key and value. And your database by default is already noSQL, one of the most advanced in the world, prepared to grow even for thousands of GIGABYTEs, without you even having to worry about installing anything.

The user authentication is already ready, because all systems use this, what dos not make sense recreate the wheel every time you create a new application.

Where you do not need to instantiate the server to receive requests from your applications, with your business rules, as this is already ready, and by default this server is a WebService, exposing your data via REST, JSON or whatever you need. You can share your business rules between applications and services, and best of all, you can program these business rules using javascript.

Where you don’t have to worry about creating a database instance, application server or even file storage, as this is all so obvious that it is ready, because every application needs it.

Furthermore, having the friendliest Machine Learning libraries in the world available for your application, you can use them using javascript.

Where you can create, test, put into production with a limit of up to thousands of users, without having to pay anything.

And best of all, being easy and fun to program, you can use the good old aroma of mixing HTML with CSS, with quick results for you or your client. With little knowledge you can create and put into production acomplete simple applications in up to 1 week.

I come to introduce you to this Fantastic Software Factory, which is not as sweet as Willy Wonka’s Fantastic Chocolate Factory. With the advantage of not being a dream, maybe a few years ago it would be, but today it is reality.

We have the 4 main ingredients for you to set up a factory are:

1 — TypeScript

It will be our language. Think of it as super tuned javascript.


This is our chocolate, it acts as an intermediate layer, which compiles your code in TypeScript for web browser, android, IOS and windows phone.

3 — Angular

Angular, think like our orchestrator, it directs the user between the screens, buttons and layers of the application. MVC (model, vision and control) for technicians.


This is our service platform specialized in web and mobile applications that is subdivided into:

Google Cloud Firestore, this is our NoSQL database, automatically scalable, with high performance, which treats our tables as if they were JSON documents.

Google Cloud Functions, this is where we create functions for situations that our application needs to communicate with the outside world. Example: send some email, create some action to be done when a data is inserted in a table. Access some external library and other things outside the scope of the application.

Google Hosting, our application will be hosted here.

Google Authentication, this guy is responsible for authenticating our users, he already has all the encryption and login ready. We can use the application’s own login as a username and password or use Google, Facebook, Instagram and others login.

Hello, I’m Samuel Balbino, sorry for the chocolate comparison, but my love for cholocate and code are very similar, I hope with this post rise your appetite to create your own Fantastic Software Factory.

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Expert in software development and data manipulation.

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Samuel JB

Samuel JB

Expert in software development and data manipulation.

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